A cookie is a small file stored by a server on a user's terminal (computer, telephone, etc.) and associated with a web domain (i.e. in most cases with all the pages of a single website).

Cookies have many uses: they can be used to memorize your customer ID with a merchant site, the current contents of your shopping cart, the language in which the web page is displayed, an identifier enabling your browsing to be tracked for statistical or advertising purposes, etc. Some of these uses are strictly necessary for the functions expressly requested by the user, or to establish communication, and are therefore exempt from consent. Some of these uses are strictly necessary for the functionalities expressly requested by the user, or to establish communication, and are therefore exempt from consent. Others, which do not correspond to these criteria, require the user's consent before reading or writing.

Since May 2021, the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés) has tightened legislation on the collection of cookies, as well as its controls. It is therefore important for site users to know what types of cookies are collected on a website.


Atos racks collects and stores certain browsing data in order to provide and improve the Site and for statistical purposes. This information is stored in particular by means of cookies or similar technology systems. A cookie is a small text file that may be placed on your terminal when you visit a Site. A cookie enables its issuer to identify the terminal in which it is stored, for the duration of the cookie's validity or storage. Some cookies are essential for using the site, while others are used to optimize and personalize the content displayed. Cookies placed on the site may be placed by the service provider or by third parties. If you prefer not to receive certain cookies, you can control or deactivate them by modifying your browser settings. However, we draw your attention to the fact that limiting the use of cookies may lead to malfunctions and a deterioration in the use of the Site.

To manage these cookies, each browser's configuration is specific. To find out how to modify your cookie settings, please visit your browser's help menu.

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We use various cookies on the site to improve its interactivity. Two types of cookies are used on the website.


In order to adapt the site to the demands of its visitors, we measure the number of visits, the number of pages viewed as well as the activity of visitors on the site and their frequency of return. Google Analytics, the statistical tool used by Atos racks, generates cookies. The retention period for Google Analytics user data is currently [NUMBER OF MONTHS COOKIES RETAINED, TO BE CHECKED VIA ANALYTICS].

We have chosen to anonymize our users' IP addresses in accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL, which considers IP addresses to be private data. The company Atos racks can therefore in no way trace this information back to an individual.

The personal data collected (cookie identifier) is kept by Atos racks for a period of 13 months. It will not be passed on to third parties or used for any other purpose.


The consent mode enables our website to condition the execution of Google services (such as Google Analytics) according to the state of our users' consents. The website uses the [Axeptio] solution to manage these cookies, i.e. it collects and stores a digital trace of consent or opposition to the deposit of analytics cookies.


These are cookies placed by third-party companies. The only third-party cookies deposited when browsing our site are those of social networks:

Facebook - Twitter - Google+ - Youtube

These social networks use cookies to check whether you are connected to their services. This allows for smoother use of their sharing buttons.