Who are we?

Who are we?

Based on his experience,

ATOS designs, develops and manufactures in France packaging products for the electronics industry:

Cabinets, enclosures, racks, fine and precision sheet metal assemblies, 19″ indoor or outdoor solutions: standard, adaptation of standard, specific, or production to drawings, right up to the integration of complex assemblies.

With a strong customer focus, Atos serves the Energy, Telecommunications, Electronics, IT and Transportation markets, both civil and military.


Serving the electronics industry:

  • 2015 Investment of 4 million euros in production machinery:
    Salvagnini S4P4 combined punching and panning machine
    Trumpf laser welding robot for complex parts
    Automatic warehouse stocking 400 models of raw materials.
  • 2014 Atos joins the FIDEVE group
  • 2013 Investment in a Trumpf laser handset
  • 2003 Expansion of the Carros site (4000m²),
  • 1997 to 2001 Successive expansions of the Glos site (19000m²),
  • 1992 Merger of the companies " ATG TOLKIT " and " OSL SYSTEMES " to create the company " ATOS ",
  • 1989 Acquisition of the company " OSL " in Carros (06) specialized in racks and systems,
  • 1986 Construction in Glos (14) of a 8000m² unit dedicated to fine sheet metal work (own products and subcontracting),
  • 1979 Launching of the "TOLKIT" brand with a catalog of several hundred references,
  • 1967 The company moves to Normandy and launches a 19″ offering,
  • 1961 Creation of the ATG company in the Paris region,


French manufacturing
m² of factory and offices
of Paris
43 M€
CA 2022

Production site

Our industrial skills, in Design and Production, are exercised on the site of Glos (14), near Lisieux, in Normandy:

cabinets, boxes, racks, fine sheet metal and precision sheet metal assemblies, 19″ indoor or outdoor Solutions: standard, adaptation of the standard, specific, or production to drawings, going as far as the integration of complex assemblies.

  • Fine sheet metal work and production of InDoor & OutDoor enclosures.
  • Fine sheet metal work - Cutting - Painting - Assembly - Integration & Wiring.
  • Production of modular mechanical structures, subrack and system integration.
  • Installation and wiring of passive elements such as motherboard, power supply, fan.
  • Head office - 280 people - 24000 m2.

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