Product documentation

Product documentation


Depending on the project (900, 1300, 1450 MW or 1650 MW [EPR] power plants, ITER, RJH, etc.), we design the products to meet the seismic requirements specified in the application, in close collaboration with our customers' design offices.

We contribute our industrial know-how and experience to product development, and accompany the project through K2 to K3 qualification.


An overview of the company, the markets we serve, our product lines and our "made-to-measure" know-how.

  • Presentation of the company, key figures, human resources and industrial capacity.
  • Custom-made fine sheet metal work: Bollards, displays, consoles, totems, frames, structures, sub-assemblies, detail parts.
  • Telecoms: Network cabinets and racks, IP55 version, Outdoor products, FTTH Indoor and Outdoor cabinets.
  • Datacenter: Convergence cabinet, cold and hot aisles, MRA-MRB, active or passive cold doors, Modul'X, MDC Compact.
  • Electronics and Industry: table-top enclosure, wall-mounted enclosure, Evolution rack and mini-bay, IP55 or EMC enclosures, Optimal air-conditioned rack, Outdoor versions.
  • Energy: Nuclear environment racks and cabinets, solar cabinets, battery cabinets, power stations, recharging stations, terminals for mobile devices.
  • Defense and Security: Ruggedized racks and enclosures, control stations, 2-ring racks, desks, suspended enclosures, on-board carrier enclosures.
  • Modular mechanics: Standard subracks, EMC-IEEE, Railway, Marine, Systems, Bladebox, "Severe environment" subracks.
  • Specific achievements: Air-conditioned cabinets, strong cabinet (Tempest threat), HF cabinet, sliding frame cabinets...

Electronics & Industry

This catalog includes documentation for :

  • Evolution range: L.600 racks, L.800 racks, mini racks and extensions, equipment, plans. Wall-mounted" or "free-standing" enclosures
  • Optimal range : Presentation, preconfigurations, IP21 - IP55 - EMC - HF versions, thermal regulation, exterior equipment, interior equipment, pivoting frame, plans.
  • EMC enclosure range : Presentation, components, options, drawings.
  • Optima II range : Fixed box, swivel box, accessories.
  • IP55 enclosure range : Presentation, components, options, drawings.
  • Outdoor range: Outdoor racks, options, Outdoor enclosures, options, plans.
  • Atlas range : Presentation, components, 19″ rack mounting, accessories.
  • Universal accessories range: Supports, front panels, connectors and wiring, fixings, energy, thermal regulation, equipment.

Networks & Telecoms

This catalog includes documentation for :

  • Wall-mounted enclosures: CMR 3U/6U, Optima II, IP55 enclosure, EMC enclosure.
  • Wall-mounted or free-standing box: Evolution.
  • Cabling bay : NewBasic range, Presentation, Pre-configured bays, Components, Equipment.
  • Server rack: Convergence range, Presentation, Pre-configured racks, Components, Equipment.
  • ETSI metric frame and bay.
  • Mini-Bay : Audio-Test-Bureau
  • Outdoor Bay
  • 27U and 33U Outdoor enclosure
  • IP55 Outdoor wall-mounted enclosure
  • Shelter

FTTH Products

  • Indoor single cabinet
  • Indoor compartmentalized cabinet
  • Indoor double wardrobe
  • APMZ Outdoor cabinet

Datacenter Solutions

This catalog includes documentation for :

  • Dedicated bay: Convergence range, complete bay or colocation
  • Containment : Structure and accessories for confined "cold or hot" aisle urbanization
  • Cooling: Direct expansion or chilled water inter-bay module, Active or Passive cold doors, Compact Micro-Datacenter, Rackable Air Conditioning Unit
  • PDU / STS / Probes / Inverters
  • Access security
  • Universal accessories
  • Our services

Modular mechanics

This catalog includes documentation for :

  • STANDARD range: subracks, kits, cover plates, card holders, drawers, accessories,
  • IEEE EMC range: Preconfigurations, subracks, shielding, bus assembly, subdivision kits, blanking panels, card holders, accessories,
  • RAILWAY range: subracks, plug-in drawers, subdivisions, blanking panels, front panels for ICs, EMC panels, plug-in blocks, accessories,
  • MARINE range: Presentation, specific on-board subracks, subracks, modules (rack, ventilation, swivel chassis), accessories, blanking panels, card holders, drawers, shielded cassettes,
  • SYSTEMS: VME 64x, Compact PCI, Blade Box, VME 32, accessories. 


This catalog includes documentation for :

Stationary applications:

  • Standard Convergence Range
  • Standard Integral Range

Embedded applications:

  • Range of standard suspended bays 
  • Range of consoles
  • Range of enclosures
  • Special products
  • Card tray

Forte cabinet

This catalog includes documentation for :

Atos offers a new range of "FORTE" cabinets specially designed for the physical security needs of sensitive IT equipment. This cabinet has been designed to meet the requirements of the IGI 1300 class B, on the protection of the secret of the National Defense.


This catalog introduces Tempest Threat Protection Solutions.

Micro Datacenter Compact

This catalog includes documentation for :

A compact product specifically designed to meet the DATACENTER needs of small and medium-sized businesses

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Modular and scalable solution
  • Reduced operating costs

Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser

The Atos bollard is made of steel and is coated with polyester powder RAL 9003 Glossy smooth.
The gel distribution system is fully mechanical and has an internal height adjustment allowing the easy installation of the different types of refills available on the market.
The rear panel is removable with a secure lock.