Custom sheet metal work

A great expertise from the simple part to the complete sub-assembly (totem, charging stations, etc.)

In co-design or directly on customer's drawing, we realize all types of coverings, by optimizing the industrialization for each of your projects.

Defense & Security

Marine or land-based applications:
Ruggedized cabinets, boxes, racks, consoles, and desks with or without cable shock absorbers. Naval Group" marine specifications .

Network security applications:
Cabinet and faradized boxes type TEMPEST.
Cabinet for CR3 in the civil field.

Electronics & Industry

INDOOR applications:
EMC, HF, IP55, Test bench, Electro-technical integration, Tempest IGI 1300, Air conditioning

OUTDOOR applications :
IP55, Telecom, Video surveillance, WIFI, Radio, FTTH

Telecom & Datacenter

INDOOR applications :

OUTDOOR applications:
IP55, FTTH, Telecom, Video surveillance, WIFI, Radio.

Our DATACENTER solutions
Server cabinet, Containment, Cooling, PDU, EDGE, Access control, Microdatacenter

Energy & storage

Vehicles :
Kiosks and stations

Nuclear :
Cabinets and boxes with or without qualification

Storage :
Outdoor battery cabinets, Shelter battery racks

Subracks & Systems

Marine and land-based applications:
Subracks, systems, plug-in drawers, blanking faces, card holders, cassettes, systems and accessories.

For "Standard", "EMC", "IEEE", "Railway", "Marine" environments.