Tray, front panel, card holder and accessories

Reinforced tray design and glued assembly.

Designed for single or double EUROPE boards 160 or 220 mm deep, for connection to bus or DIN 41612 connector.

Designed for environments with vibration stress and with or without EMC stress, without shock stress.

Highly modular, allowing multiple configurations.

  • Width: 19" - 9T and 21T useful
  • Board depths: 160 and 220 mm
  • Heights: 3U and 6U
  • Dimensions based on IEC 60297-3, Hom° SNCF 047171, EN 61 373,EN 50 155, NF F67-012, NF F61-005
  • Depth extension kit.
  • Rear frame for drawers.
  • EMC protective shielding
  • Guide rails, beams, marker strip, DIN 41612 connector mounting, handle
  • Card holder, card drawer, cover plate
  • One-piece or 3-part plug-in block
  • Card stiffener
  • Mounted version
  • BIN or DRAW version
  • Standard environment = ECORAIL or EUROFER or FERROVIAIRE
  • EMC environment = ECORAIL
  • For use in vibration environments.