On-board marine tank, front panel, drawer and accessories

Hardened tray for single or double EUROPE cards 160, 220 mm deep.

Reinforced design for vibration- and shock-stressed environments.

Solution referenced NATO F78 77A.

  • 19" width
  • Board depths: 160 and 220 mm (EUROPE)
  • Heights: 3U and 6U
  • Dimensions based on IEC 60297-3 standard
  • Standards: Marine 89-126 BECN/EE, Marine 18-93 BECN/EE, DIN 41494, IEEE 299 directive 2004-108/EC
  • Mechanical protection shielding
  • Card holder, card drawer, cover plate
  • Guide rails, beams, marker strip, handle
  • Card holder, drawer, card cassette, blanking plate
  • Ventilation module.
  • For on-board equipment according to French Navy specifications.