Nuclear set

K3 qualified product and manufacture under nuclear surveillance plan.
Finite element calculation.

  • IP 54 or 55.
  • Range from 300 x 300 to 1000 x 800 in D200-300-400 mm.
  • 19" version available

Custom manufacturing of all types of enclosures to meet environmental constraints in the nuclear sector.
Enclosures complying with nuclear energy installation regulations.

  • Evolutive design according to your files.
  • Customizable wiring board.
  • Handle or latch closure.
  • PID, PIC or PIA painted steel, depending on the area concerned, or bead-blasted 316 L stainless steel + passivation and anti-stain treatment.
  • Decontaminable paints.
  • Nuclear
  • Electrical distribution
  • Relay and terminal block.