19″ case / Carrier

Ruggedized enclosures for on-board military marine or land applications, with or without cable shock absorbers / elastomer pads.
Qualified products: by finite element calculation or calculation + tests, by ALPHA shock test.

  • IEC 297 Dimensions
  • CEA 310-E Dimensions
  • EN 60950-1 Safety
  • IT 8850 Guide DCNS
  • MIL STD 810 Environment
  • Designed for DCNS standard 18/93-BECN/EE,

19″ welded steel enclosure, front door access only, painted galvanized steel, IP20 to IP54 tightness with ventilation.
Steel enclosure protected by zinc-aluminium metallization (shoopage) and epovine paint, for safety application, IP55 + EMC.

  • Hanging box
  • CM box
  • Alu Carrier Box
  • Stainless steel carrying case
  • Field Box
  • General electrical
  • Infantryman set
  • Small stacking boxes
  • Surface buildings