On-board console

Console unit designed and built entirely to order.
Our design department models all components (screens, drawers, racks, printers, buttons, indicators, etc.) and all parts are adapted for :
- simple installation,
- optimum ergonomics,
- easy maintenance.
Console with retractable/raised or multi-screen console.

  • Screw mounting of welded and assembled aluminum or stainless steel housings
  • MIL STD 810 Environment
  • Naval Group" Marine Specifications
  • IT 8850 Guide DCNS

On-board assembly from several boxes for easy installation.
This modular design keeps costs and lead times to a minimum, depending on the screen/keyboard configurations selected.
Consoles can be fully pre-equipped for power distribution, backup power, cooling, etc.

  • Stand-up control console with large display, keyboard and trackball.
  • Console Shelter
  • Surface building,
  • Shelter console
  • Marine or aeronautical console