Confined Hot Alley

Containment solution for computer rooms with high-density equipment.
Heated air leaving the servers is blown into the Confined Hot Aisle.
- The "MRA" aisle cooling modules extract the air from the aisle, and cool it via an air/water or direct expansion exchanger.
- The air flow rate is matched to the actual server flow rate by differential pressure measurement.
- Regulation (EG or DD) is based on the selected air outlet temperature.

  • Aisle widths: 900mm or 1200mm
  • Depth: Adjustable according to number of bays and MRA
  • Heights: 42U or 47U useful
  • 1 or 2-leaf manual sliding doors
  • Color: Black RAL 9005

Cooling system as close as possible to the servers.
- N+1 to 2N redundancy levels can be defined.
- Controlled airflow for optimum server performance.

  • Other colors on request
  • Lane end sign
  • Aisle roofs (glazed, solid, LED lighting or tilting)
  • Floor chairs
  • Mechanical closing kit with spring return
  • Urbanization of HD computer rooms
  • Calculation centers
  • Datacenter equipment