MRA" aisle cooling module or "MRB" rack

Rack-sized module, 300 mm wide, equipped with a heat exchanger (chilled water or direct expansion) which draws hot air from a confined area and discharges cooled air into the cold zone.
Heated air leaving the servers is blown into the confined hot zone. Modules measure the pressure differential between the hot and cold zones.

  • Width: 300 mm
  • Depths: 1000 mm and 1200 mm
  • Height: 42U and 47U
  • Color: Black RAL 9005

Airflow regulation is achieved by measuring the differential pressure between the hot and cold zones, and adjusting the heat exchanger flow rate
to the actual flow rate of the servers => (delta.P = 0).
- No disturbance of the servers' own regulation.
This principle also ensures automatic redundancy between the different modules in the same containment.
- In the event of a module shutdown, the pressure in the containment rises and the flow rate of the other modules increases automatically.

  • Other colors on request
  • Installation in confined HD hot or cold aisles
  • MRB" rack cooling module
  • Calculation centers
  • Data center equipment
  • Machine rooms