Confined Cold Aisle

Containment solution specially designed to meet computer room urbanization needs. It enables you to integrate your equipment and host your customers rapidly.
Cool air pulses through the technical floor and is channeled to the front of the bays, by closing the Cold Aisle: end doors and removable roofs between two rows of bays.

  • Aisle widths: 900, 1200 or 1800 mm
  • Depth: Adjustable according to number of bays
  • Heights: 42U or 47U useful
  • 1 or 2-leaf manual sliding doors
  • Color: Black RAL 9005

Completely passive system.
- The air intake temperature is controlled over the entire height of the cabinet, with no hot-air return to the front of the racks.
- 100% of the air pulsed by the room air conditioners is used by the servers.

  • Other colors on request
  • Mechanical closing kit with spring return
  • Electric door
  • Lane end sign
  • Aisle roofs (glazed, solid, LED lighting or tilting)
  • Floor chairs
  • Computer room urbanization
  • Calculation centers
  • Datacenter equipment