MODUL'X is a modular solution consisting of several bays linked together and equipped with a shared containment system with hydro-cooled doors at the rear.
The air in the room is drawn in by the servers. It is then blown back into the confined rear section of the racks.
HYDRO-COOLING doors installed at the rear of the Modul'x draw in this hot air, cool it via an air/water exchanger and discharge it back into the room according to the user's instructions.

  • Width: Adjustable to the number of bays from 600/800mm
  • Depths: 1000/1200 mm bays + 200 mm shared containment + 250mm hydro door.
  • Heights: 42U and 47U
  • Color: Black RAL 9005

Flexible room layout as and when required.
- Reduced air volume and rapid treatment of hot zones => up to 50% less air volume, for greater thermal efficiency.
- Fast, economical installation with no need to modify aisle confinements (roofs, doors, etc.).
- Compatible with all fire detection and extinguishing systems.
- No need to remove aisle roofs to work on overhead cable trays or room lighting.
- No aisle sliding doors (no annual maintenance).
- Continuity of bays without air-conditioning modules => Easy inter-bay cabling.

  • Other colors on request
  • Urbanization of HD computer rooms
  • HPC computing centers
  • Datacenter equipment