UCR rack-mountable air-conditioning unit

To meet the need for optimized computer room space and improved energy efficiency, Atos has developed an ultra-compact, modular and scalable cooling solution,
The rack-mountable air-conditioning concept complies with the 19″ standard, and offers a range of usage and urbanization options (insulated or confined bay in cold/hot aisle, technical room, etc.).

  • Width: 19" rackable
  • Depth: 700 mm (Bay depth 800mm min.)
  • Heights: 10U, 14U, and 20U
  • Power ratings: from 5kW to 20kW
  • Chilled water or direct expansion

Fully compatible with all 19″ racks available on the market.
The UCR power supply is managed remotely by an energy module, ensuring optimum electrical power and protection for the units,
Components can be ordered separately or pre-assembled in an air-conditioning cabinet (Available in versions: EG - DD - Hybrid).

  • Air filter
  • Water detector
  • Lifting pump
  • Airflow control by return or supply temperature
  • Computer room urbanization
  • Datacenter equipment